Davian Schlender

"He came from Holy Terra, He brought with him the law, in the Law was the Word, and the Word was I AM A LAW!"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48 47 33 43 39 29 39 33 41

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Wounds: 14
Armor Cadian Kasrkin Carapace Arms 6, Body 6, Head 6, Legs 6
Armor Slueth Jacket Arms +1, Body +1
Shield Suppresion Sheild Ranged Arms+4, Body +4

Corruption Points:0
Insanity Points: 0
Fate Points: 2

Skills Awareness, Charm, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium, Underworld), Dodge, Drive (Ground Vehicle +10), Evaluate, Inquiry +10, Interrogation +10, Literacy, Logic, Scholastic Lore (Judgement), Scrutiny +10, Search, Security, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Tech-Use
Talents Basic Weapon Training (Flame, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (SP, Bolt), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Shock), Rapid reload, Heightened Sense (Sight), Peer (Nobility, Military), Rival (Nobilite (GM choice)), Hatred (Cult (All)), Quick Draw, Unremarkable, Decadence, Rapid reaction, Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Commanders of Mankind
Traits Etiquette, Vendetta
Gear Photo-Visors/Contacts, Re-Breather, Recoil Glove, Magboots, Micro-bead, Pict Recorder, Infantry Lamp Pack, Grav-Chute, Cadian Kasrkin Carapace, Shotgun, Ius Automatic, Vox Legi-pattern Shotgun, Bolt Pistol, Motion Predictor, Omni-scope, Shells (20), Bolt Shells (20), Man-Stopper Bullets (20), Spitfire shells (15), Executioner Shotgun Shells (10), Brass Knuckles, Club, Suppression Shield, Rebreather unit
Bolt Pistol 30m S/2/- 1d10+5 X Pen 4 Clip 8 Reload Half Tearing
Vox Legi-pattern Shotgun 30m S/2/- 1d10+9 I Pen 0 Clip 14; Reload Full Reliable, Scatter, Motion Predictor, Omni-scope
Ius Automatic 30m S/3/- 1d10+3 I Pen 0 Clip 11 Reload Half Reliable
Suppression Shield 1d10+3 E Pen 0 Defensive, Recharge, Shocking, +5WS)
Vox Shotgun used as a Club 1d10+3 I Pen 0 Primitive
Brass Knuckles 1d5+2 I Pen 0 Primitive

Davian is the oldest surviving member of the Schenlder Household a first Cousin to the late head of household Maximillian.
Due to Schenlder’s involvement with Pale Throng Davian, was suspect of being double agent. After an investigation Davian arrested and interrogated. Davian was found “innocent” of any actions his family has been found guilty of committing after a tribunal that last several days.
According to Arbiter tradition; members of the Adeptus Arbites are divorced from their family name in service to the God Emperor’s Law. Naturally, nobles are very flexible on this point. Davian himself has made it clear he intends to follow through with the tradition for the most part. Davian made the proclamation by ran-sacking the family home. Leading the charge before altercation with the Throne Agents.
As Davian has refused to take a leadership position within the house has left three contenders; the twins, Augusta and Archibald, and the “holy” Cassius.
Archibald was the Master of Coin for the Schenlder house. It is rumored Archibald sold, barter, blackmailed and traded secrets, fortunes and artifacts for his and to some extent Augusta’s . While Augusta is the true heir named by Maximillian, she is often deferring her judgment and voice to Archibald. Archibald’s end game is survival, he doesn’t care how that happens.
Cassius was like most noble scion, “joined” the church and became ordained. His piety and zeal are well known and document amongst his order. He believe that the Pale Throng connection was manufactured by the Bonnibel family and, or in cooperation with, the Planetary Governess’s house. He is vocal about retribution and casting off guilt. The Ruling of Davian’s case is currently being used by Cassius for his crusade to clear the family’s name.

Everyone else who was a Schenlder has dropped ties with names or reaffirms their ties through marriage to other houses.

Davian recently through terrible luck or the Emperor’s grace began working for the Inquisition alongside the very agents that under covered. Though joining the Inquistion has caused him to lose two of his closes friends. Troopers Sharpe and Matthew who were slainby the criminal assassin Daud leader of the Kinfe in the Dark. Davian carries their names scratched into his shield.

Davian Schlender

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